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Builder Project Timeline

Step 1 – Review Plans

- This stage falls at the very beginning of the homebuilding process. We will review plans over the phone and determine a preliminary installation plan.  

Step 2 – On-site Consultation

- Once framing is complete, our team will meet the builder on site for review. We will then finalize plans for installation and be sure electrical is in the correct location to power the Phantom Screens.
- Our team member will bring samples so all final aluminum color and mesh type decisions can be made.
- Final measurements for the Phantom Screens can be taken. 

Step 3 – ordering product

- Once we have final measurements, we are able to place the order. Phantom Screens are custom made for each opening to insure precise fit and function. Lead time for standard colors can be about 8-10 weeks. 

Step 4 – installation

- Our team will contact the builder directly for scheduling. We will give a time frame for arrival and will call in advance. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the builder to be on site, whereas other times it is not necessary. 
- Installation is usually no more than one day (unless larger job), and our team will complete the installation and clean up after themselves, leaving the job site as it was before we arrived.

Final adjustments

- Installation may occur prior to the completion of the flooring/decking/stone. If buildout is unfinished it may require one more visit to properly set the limits of where the Phantom Screens are programmed to stop at the top and bottom. 
- For any servicing needs, the homeowner can reach out to us directly. They will have an industry leading warranty on the Phantom Screens which consists of a two year labor warranty, and a limited lifetime warranty on all the parts excluding the mesh and motor. 

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