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Tri-State Screens is an Authorized Dealer for Insolroll Window Shading Solutions in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC areas.

Types of Interior Shades

Solar Shades

Insolroll manufactures window shading solutions including indoor solar shades for commercial and residential applications. Solar Shades control natural light and overheating. Solar Shades utilize a solar screen mesh fabric woven with technical openness characteristics. Solar screen fabric color and density affects the shades ability to control sunlight, heat, and glare.

Solar Shades create a comfortable environment in residential applications.

Controlling the light level in living areas and maintaining a view to the exterior make solar window shades a unique choice when selecting window treatments.

Insolroll solar shades are a proven glare control window shading solution in many commercial settings. The ability of solar screens to reduce visible light transmission to reduce glare and still allow an open connection to the outside have made solar shades the specifiers choice for commercial window treatments.

Blackout Shades & Decorative Shades

Some windows need privacy, room darkening capabilities, or both. Insolroll window shading systems has a complete range of blackout to translucent window shades needed for residential and commercial applications. Blackout shades can be combined with translucent shades or solar screen shades in a Dual Shade that incorporates 2 light management functions into a single treatment.

The translucent roller decorative window shades provide privacy without eliminating all the light. Decorative interior roller shade fabrics range from neutral colors with little texture to decorative patterns and textures. Some translucent shade fabrics coordinate with blackout shade fabrics.

Insolroll Blackout Window Shades provide room darkening light control. Blackout roller shades are ideal for conference rooms, schools, hospitals, home theaters, or any location that requires the elimination of light through windows.

Printed Window Shades

Insolroll has an in-house digital printing program to customize any roller shade fabric into any unique design element, pattern, branding, and signage required. Imagine the possibilities to re-define a room of windows by bringing more color and texture into the space with your interior solar window shades. Attract customers in retail and restaurant applications by adding signage to exterior windows on a busy street.

Learn More About Solar Shades

Solar screen fabrics are unique in that they are specifically designed to maintain the view and connection to the outside. Fabric color and openness each affect the clarity of the view, as well as heat, glare, and UV performance. Light is powerful. That’s why it doesn’t take much openness in solar fabrics to provide excellent view-through. Solar shade fabrics are woven to very precise standards, controlling the amount of surface area that is left open. Solar shade fabrics are woven to very precise standards, controlling the amount of surface area that is left open and provides direct view-through. Fabrics with openness between 3% and 10% provide excellent levels of view-through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance.

Fabric Openess

Solar screen fabrics, also known as “technical” fabrics are woven to very precise standards, with a consistent, measurable degree of fabric openness. That openness determines how much direct visibility there will be through the fabric. That direct visibility is still affected by fabric color and the amount of reflection and diffusion.
Very low openness factor fabrics, such 1% or 3%, offer less direct view through, whereas very open fabrics, such as 10% openness, allow a great deal of direct view through.

We offer fabrics from 1% open to 14% open to address the requirements of individual applications, and this openness in combination with fabric color determines the heat, glare, and UV performance of each fabric.

Fabric Color

The color of a fabric affects what happens to the visible sunlight that strikes it. Some light is reflected, some passes through the open spaces in the fabric, and some is diffused by the fabric yarns themselves.

Light colors diffuse more light, allowing it to pass through the yarns into the interior. This lessens the clarity of the view-through, but provides filtered light and an airy atmosphere.
Dark colors block more visible light so that less comes into the room. Light enters through the open spaces in the fabric, but not through the yarns themselves– there is plenty of light for our eyes to see in comfort, much like the effect of sunglasses.
High performance solar fabrics allow light to pass through the fabric openings, but not through the yarns, even those of light color. This means that light-colored high performance fabric solar shades provide a clearer view just like their dark-colored counterparts.
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