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Tri-State Screens is an Authorized Dealer for Insolroll Window Shading Solutions in northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and the Washington, DC, areas.

Types of Interior Shades

Solar Shades and Sunshades

Insolroll manufactures window shading solutions including interior solar screen shades for commercial and residential applications. Solar sunshades control natural light and overheating. Solar Shades utilize a solar screen mesh fabric woven with technical openness characteristics. Solar screen fabric color and density affects the shades ability to control sunlight, heat, and glare.

Solar Sunshades create a comfortable environment in residential applications.

Controlling the light level in living areas and maintaining a view to the exterior make solar window shades a unique choice when selecting window treatments.

Solar Shades are a proven glare control window shading solution in many commercial settings. The ability of solar screens to reduce visible light transmission to reduce glare and still allow an open connection to the outside have made solar shades the specifiers choice for commercial window treatments.

Blackout Shades & Decorative Shades

Some windows need privacy, room darkening capabilities, or both. Insolroll window shading solutions has a complete range of blackout to translucent window shades needed for residential and commercial applications. Blackout shades can be combined with translucent shades or solar screen shades in a Dual Shade that incorporates 2 light management functions into a single treatment.

The translucent roller decorative window shades provide privacy without eliminating all the light. Decorative interior roller shade fabrics range from neutral colors with little texture to decorative patterns and textures. Some translucent shade fabrics coordinate with blackout shade fabrics.

Insolroll Blackout Window Shades provide room darkening light control. Blackout roller shades are ideal for conference rooms, schools, hospitals, home theaters, or any location that requires the elimination of light through windows.

Printed Window Shades

Insolroll has an in-house digital printing program to customize any roller shade fabric into any unique design element, pattern, branding, and signage required. Imagine the possibilities to re-define a room of windows by bringing more color and texture into the space. Attract customers in retail and restaurant applications by adding signage to exterior windows on a busy street.

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