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Phantom’s retractable door screens are durable and easy to use, and what’s best is they disappear out of sight when they're not in use. They fit all door types including in-swing, out-swing, single, double, and patio slider door. Our wide range of color and finish choices allow them to blend seamlessly with your doorways.

Let the fresh air in - keep the bugs out

Phantom Screens are perfect for providing your home or outdoor space with superior insect and UV protection while maintaining desirable temperatures, and providing natural ventilation. Because of the screen’s unique housing, they accomplish this while maintaining the style and design of your home.

Whether you’re looking for full visibility to the outside, solar shading, or protection from the elements, Phantom Screens offers a variety of mesh types suited to your specific needs. In addition, you are able to choose between two different handle options: the latch and release handle or the magnet handle, each having its own features and benefits.
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Features & Benefits

Retractable door screens remain out of sight until you need them providing better control and smooth operation. Click on the image to learn more about the features and benefits of this retractable screen.

Fits All Door Types

Our retractable door screens fit a wide variety of door types including single and double doors, in-swing and out-swing doors and sliding patio doors.

Optional Ant-Slam System

Our retractable door screens come with an optional roll control feature that regulates the retraction speed of the screens.

Wide Range of Finishes

Phantom Screens offers ten Signature color choices for retractable door screens ranging from Slivered Almond to Coastal Gray. The door screen can also be custom matched to your unique décor, including wood grain finishes. Our factory-applied powder coated finish resists fading and chipping.

Various Mesh Options

Fiberglass mesh ensures durability and provides full ventilation and protection from both insects and UV rays. Phantom Screens offers various mesh options for insect and solar protection and additional privacy.

Maintains Décor & View

Our retractable door screens remain out of sight until you need them, restoring your complete view to the outdoors and preserving the look and design of your doorway. Perfect for double-French doors, two screens are mounted to the door frame, one on each side. To operate the screens, the slidebars are pulled to the center of the opening and held in place with the Latch & Release handles.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Phantom Screens is passionate about delivering excellence in product quality and customer service. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty provides homeowners additional peace of mind.

Easy Operation With Secure Closure

The integrated Latch & Release handle is durable, easy to use and whisper quiet. The screen door automatically latches when closed to prevent it from opening in breezy conditions. When insect protection is not required, the screen is easily released by pressing the subtle thumb lever.

Glides Smoothly Along Tracks

The slidebar is guided along two parallel tracks, located at the top and bottom of your door frame.

Technical Drawings

Door Screens can be designed to fit a variety of doorways, making them a seamless add-on to your home. We can work with you to create a screen solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.
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Door Types

Double-French Doors

Retractable French door screens provide the most attractive insect solution for double-French doorways. Two screens are mounted to each side of the door frame; the dual screens meet in the center and are held in place with a hidden latch system in the slidebar and tracks. Perfect for both in-swing and out-swing applications, they preserve the look of your doors and your view to the outside.

Sliding Patio Doors

Retractable screens for sliding doors are best for maximizing views and admitting daylight. Phantom’s retractable patio door screens blend seamlessly with all types of patio doors without detracting from the building’s design. The retractable screen stays out of sight in a subtle aluminum housing, allowing you to maintain clear view to the outside when the screen is not in use.

Single Out-Swing/In-Swing Doors

Retractable door screens complement any in-swing or out-swing door. Mounted on the inside or outside of the door frame, they do not interfere with the door’s operation. Designed to blend seamlessly with the door frame, this retractable screen solution provides insect protection, and a clear view inside and out.

Oversized Doors

Your doorway sets the tone to the design of your living space. Unfortunately, fixed screens can affect the look of your home. Phantom retractable screens are available in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate oversized single and double openings, making them a seamless add-on to your home.

Color and Mesh Options

Phantom's family of screens come in a variety of designer colors including wood grain finishes.

You can also choose from mesh types that provide insect protection, natural ventilation, increased privacy, improved daylight and solar heat control.

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