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Soluna™ Roller Shades

Fashion for Today. Timeless for Tomorrow.

Soluna™ offers a wide range of trendy fabrics, along with exclusive child-safe and pet-safe PrecisionLift™ cordless technology, motorization, and more. We have a unique solution to bring comfort, grace, and style to your home, whether it's morning, day, or night.

Soluna™ is designed to brighten your days and enhance your most peaceful nights.
Charming dining area with elegant Soluna Roller Shades in McLean, VA
Close up of light-filtering, sheer and natural shades for Soluna Roller Shades

Smart. Fresh. Uplifting.

Choose from the latest color trends, textures, patterns, and opacities, ranging from sheer to room darkening. Our collection of over 300 delicate roller fabrics is not only soft to the touch but also meticulously designed with current interior design trends in mind, perfectly complementing your home decor.

Apart from their aesthetically pleasing qualities, our light-filtering sheer and natural shades provide control over the amount of natural sunlight entering your windows while maintaining a significant view of the outdoors. If you need to block out more light, you can consider our room darkening shades, which effectively block nearly 100% of incoming light on one side while offering a range of attractive colors and patterns on the other.

Customize Your View

Choose the opacity that best suits your view preferences and practical needs. Sheer shades add a touch of ambiance and allow for a significant view of the outside while softening the external scenery. Light filtering shades provide a range of light diffusion options, from bright to subdued, ensuring privacy and possibly revealing shapes or outlines depending on the fabric you choose.

For spaces where complete blackout and privacy control are essential, room darkening shades are the ideal solution. They have the ability to block nearly 100% of incoming light, ensuring a dark and private environment.
Three different examples of the opacity of Soluna Roller Shades
Cordless lift system, PrecisionLift in a Spacious bedroom located in Aldie, Va

Next Gen Lift Technology

With our exclusive one-touch lift technology, the PrecisionLift™ Cordless lift system offers quick and precise control. You can effortlessly raise and lower the shade without the need for any extra tugging. It's easy to find the perfect position for controlling light or ensuring your privacy without the use of any unsafe cords or wands.

This accessible technology significantly simplifies the process of maintaining your preferred level of natural sunlight and privacy with a single, straightforward movement. Moreover, it's certified as Best for Kids, as it eliminates any cords that might pose potential hazards or risks.

Your Complete Room Darkening Solution

LightGuard 360™ is a comprehensive solution for room darkening when you desire total light control. It provides that additional layer of room darkening for any room where unwanted light rays can be bothersome. This innovative system includes housing and bottom and side channels that envelop the edges of the shade, effectively eliminating any light that might seep through. As a result, this window covering blocks out more light than a standard window shade, helping you enjoy a better night's sleep and catch up on some rest.
Adorable blue nursery in Bethesda MD with Soluna Roller Shades
Someone using the controller for Soluna Roller Shades in a kitchen located in Bethesda, MD

Tri-State Screens Smart Motorization

With Tri-State Screens Smart motorization, you have effortless control over the amount of light and privacy your windows offer, all while maintaining your comfort. This cordless solution eliminates any dangling cords that could detract from the beauty of the shades or pose a risk to inquisitive children or pets. You can relish in your fantastic views and have peace of mind, knowing that your entire family is protected from potential cord-related hazards.

Feel free to adjust a single shade or an entire room's worth of shades as you desire, with just a single touch of a button. The internal battery can be safely and easily recharged using the convenient charging wand, eliminating the need to swap out batteries or deal with power cords.

Product Details

Fabric Valance


    WoodCrown Valance


    Wood Modern Valance


    Curved Fascia


      Square Fascia


      Soluna™ Roller Shades

      Soluna™ Roller Shades

      Soluna™ Roller Shades

      Minimum Dimensions
      18 in Width
      12 in Height

      Maximum Dimensions
      118 in Width
      144 in Height

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Soluna™ roller shades offer a unique solution to enhance the comfort, elegance, and style of your home, whether it's morning, day, or night. You can select from a wide variety of luxurious fabrics, spanning from sheer to room darkening options. Elevate your comfort and style with our advanced lift technology and a range of customizable choices.
      Roller shades offer several advantages, including their unobtrusive, low-profile appearance. Numerous homeowners favor window coverings that boast a straightforward design, enhancing a room's decor rather than overpowering it. These shades are highly versatile, require minimal maintenance, provide UV protection, and, with specific fabrics, are flame-resistant.
      With TRi-State Screen Soluna™ Roller Shades, you have the choice of various decorative top treatment options to achieve an elegant and polished appearance in every room.
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