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When and how often do I need to clean the screens?

As Phantom’s screens are retracted when not in use, they stay in their housings during wet and cold months. The amount of maintenance is therefore very minimal.

Phantom Screens recommends cleaning the screens at least twice a year.

Track Cleaning - At Least Twice A Year
Clean out the bottom & top tracks of all debris. If there is dirt, leaves or anything else in the tracks, it is going to prohibit your door from sliding smoothly.

Spray silicone lubricant on both the bottom and top track, the more the better! After spraying the tracks run the slide-bar back and forth, this will distribute the lubrication.

Mesh/Fabric Cleaning - Once a year
To eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh, Phantom screens can be cleaned with mild soap/detergent and water and gently hosed off.

Give your screens the fall cleaning they deserve, this will prevent many future problems and service issues.

How do Phantom’s retractable screen solutions differ from traditional door and window screens?

Conventional insect screens often compromise the beauty of a home, block views, diminish natural daylight, and make routine window cleaning difficult. Phantom Screens offers retractable screen solutions for doors, windows, and oversized openings that overcome these limitations, pulling into place when required, and retracting out-of-sight when not in use.

Additionally, there really is no good conventional screen solution for some applications that swing outwards such as French Doors and Casement windows. As Phantom’s screens can be installed either inside or outside of the building, they offer a screen solution that accommodates such openings.

Last but not least, unlike many conventional screens; Phantom screens come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The screens are professionally custom fit to each opening to blend in with the existing décor.

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